Friday, April 15, 2011

I need a sign

What is that saying about journeys and homecomings?  The best part of going away is never having to come home again.

Yeah. I get it.  I confess that I've been having a rough time since getting back from Australia.

When I first got home, my thought process went something like this: "Oh, a washing machine. A refrigerator! OMG the pantry is full of...look at all that cereal!!"

Ten minutes later I was crying into my Cheerios.  Because while cereal and large appliances are great, they were, afterall, in Kansas.

But then I went to the grocery store. What's this? Bananas for 58 cents/lb? Strawberries, $2.49/lb? Bottles of iced tea, 2/$1.00? Ha. Ha ha. Bwa ha ha ha ha! I'm rich again!! Bite me thriving (compared to U.S.)Australian economy! Oh....half and half. Come to mama. Chips Ahoy cookies. Okay, focus Kristin.

Ten minutes later I was back home crying into my inferior American coffee.

Ever since then I have been in a deep funk. For the longest time, I had my trip to Australia to look forward to. I had the conference. I was going to meet all my incredible blogging friends. And beneath that I harbored a dream that somehow, by hook or crook, I could stay. I would get assistance from the FBI. I would find a work sponsor. Something would happen.

But it didn't. And now I'm back in Kansas and the reality of that weighs on me with a heaviness that borders on despair. I find myself grasping about for something, anything to grab hold of, to focus my sights on and pull my through the long months of limbo. I'm not sure what would do it, though, short of another trip to Australia. Or, of course, charges finally being filed so I can exhale, conclude my divorce and move on with my life.

Today, an email arrived in my inbox from Qantas.


Qantas is flying non-stop from Dallas now? Wow. Dallas is just a day's drive away.



I stared at this email for a while and then did the only thing I know to do when faced with a serious issue that needs addressing. I went on Twitter. Toushka said it was a sign from Qantas that I need to come back. She said Qantas was the oracle. Who am I to argue with Toushka?

But just to be sure, I've decided I need a sign that this is truly a sign.

Here's how it's going to go down. I will choose an "event" and if it happens by a given date then it's a sign I need to return. I think it should be something connected to either my blog or moving to Australia, something that will stretch me. Such as getting a job interview. Or getting a piece of writing published. Or reaching 501 followers.

You think I'm kidding, don't you? I am so not kidding. Fares are for this fall (Aug/Sept).

This is where you come in. Leave me your ideas in the comments section. What should my sign be?

I need some motivation and something to give me hope right now. In a big, bad, hairy way. Setting a goal with this as my carrot will work. I'll post it on my blog and track my progress.

Oh, and by the way, you guys ROCK. Wanderlust came in #8 in the Circle of Moms Top 25 Inspiring Bloggers!!

I think it's a sign...

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  1. It's worth $98 to not do that day's drive. Even though that's doable too, if you want to save yourself the $98. WOW! Those are some very attractive screen shots.

    Ummmmm I need you to bring me some 58c/lb bananas. There. That's your first sign.

  2. As I write this comment you are on EXACTLY 500 followers and I am the decond commenter that will tell you I need banananas at that price.


  3. @Kirrily & Lucy - can you imagine what my luggage would smell like after being tossed around all day? Mmmmm...

    Also, K, it would cost me that much in gas just to drive there and back!

  4. I'm writing this comment from Brisbane. That's the only sign you need. Come back! I'll even buy you a coffee when you get here!




  5. Wouldn't it be nice if we could swap lives? You could come live here in Melbourne, or move to Sydney, while I'd be quite happy to live in Kansas. Especially where strawberries and bananas at that cheap!

    As for a sign? I think getting a work sponsor is the best one to go for, failing that, another conference, including a sponsor.

  6. So want you here! Apply for jobs x

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Sorry, I removed my last comment due to the fact that I cannot spell and it was frustrating it read!
    Firstly, congrats on coming in 8th and of reaching 503 followers.
    Secondly, I firmly believe that you are an Aussie trapped in an American body and whatever sign gets you in that flight and to the land down under is the one you should follow!!

  9. @ Dorothy and Styling You - that makes the most sense, to come out for interviews.

    Than again, I like the way @Fox in the City thinks!

  10. I just moved house and found a nest at the bottom of the steps... that was my sign it was going to be OK here.
    I say your sign is what ever you need it to be. For me it was that nest, for you... who knows, perhaps you want to pay $11 a kilo for your bananas... perhaps your body needs the good Aussie coffee...
    But I truly believe if you put it out there, it will happen. It may take hard work, but it will.
    I say apply for jobs, put out feelers, and bring me some of those bananas too!

  11. who are you to argue with Toushka indeed! lol. See you September honey - can you please bring bananas and a big arse fridge.
    oh and root beer. I miss root beer.

  12. Don't you all grow bananas out there?? You have the climate for it up north. I don't get it. But yeah, we've been making smoothies every day. The kids beg me for them!

    @ Naomi - I LOVE the bird's nest in your new home. How perfect.

    @ Toushka - I ordered Happy Meals for the kids at McDonalds while I was in Sydney and asked for root beer and the guy kind of looked at me funny and laughed. At which point I discovered you don't have root beer down there!

  13. Your sign is the keychain I gave you, with luggage and kangaroos on it.

  14. @ River - Ah...may it one day contain the key to my new home!

  15. If you come to Brisbane I'll make you a coffee. And I'll take you shopping for thongs!

  16. You're back home for 5 minutes and already you want to be back in Australia? What other sign do you need?

  17. That Steve there is spot on!

    Follow your heart, and you'll be seeing signs all over the place!

    Ohai universe, give Kristen the sign she needs to come and be an Aussie kthxbai.

    That'll work, just you wait and see :)

  18. Lovely Kristin, I too am a big believer in signs. yesterday while visiting my parents I stumbled upon a side of the road banana stall that required the purchaser put $2 in an honesty box (?!) and then help themselves to 6 bananas - GOLD! Now isnt that the sweetest thing and a sign you need to be here?? I also recently saw a fantastic psychic - can give you details if you want. The sign she told me to look out for appeared the very next day after the reading...

  19. I'd say all these comments are sign enough, Kristin. You have the support, just quick grab those air fares!!
    Don't dream it, do it!!!!!! ;)
    PS. Looking forward to your next post being about how you just booked a one-way ticket......

  20. How about a serious sale on luggage at a store near your home?? Surely that would be a sign that you should be going somewhere??
    But I agree with Kellie - all these comments must be a sign that you are really an aussie (we're not really as nice to americans as we pretend!)
    PS: the banana shortage is courtesy of all the flooding :-( It was $12.95 at my local supermarket today!

  21. DO NOT argue with Toushka! I thought about it once, and she somehow found out and gave me a death stare through Twitter that made me gain 5kg. That woman is all-powerful! I think she can read minds. I also may have a slight Bloggy-crush on her.

  22. Kristin-I am a huge believer in signs AND a believer in timing. If the time is right, it WILL happen...I know you want to slug me now for stating that fact because you want the time to be NOW. Also, in defense of American coffee, Seattle coffee ROCKS the planet....and I'm not talking Starbucks...I'm talking awesome micro-roasters! Next, I agree, if you are an Australian trapped in an American body, then get your arse over there...what's stopping you? Apply for Stying You suggested. Finally, while I can't wait to get my own arse over Australia and meet my bloggy friends, America is NOT only Kansas. There are some kick arse places here too! Lots of love to you dear one!

  23. I'm glad you enjoyed your trip to Australia. My local fruit shop has Cavendish bananas for $9.98/kg. I love my bananas I would still pay for them no matter the price.

  24. Ok Kristin how many more signs do you need? You should definitely go. :) Congrats on coming in at #8!

  25. You all are doing a most excellent job of indulging me. I will bring you bananas.

  26. Reading above, it seems you certainly have all the signs you need. I am in Hobart and bananas here are $16.95 a kilo due to the floods/cyclone having destroyed the majority of our banana crops! All our bananas must now come from the North West of Australia and there is a massive shortage. My monkeys would be most grateful for 58c bananas! Also, you don't need a sign greater than your heart's desire.

  27. @ Chrissy - "you don't need a sign greater than your heart's desire."

    So true, so true. :)

  28. Those prices? That's enough of a sign for me. A sign for you to MOVE here for good. No return flight.

  29. I think the sign should be 10 people willing to host you to dinner in their home. I'll be first!

  30. Here is your sign, it say's BLUE MOUNTAINS!
    Come back and I'll serve you a REALLY good coffee!

  31. @ Pink - I know! AND I can add on Adelaide for just $59. Can you imagine? I mean $59 is the price of a bunch of bananas. Sheesh!!

  32. @ Suzie - oh, you are such a dear! I am not asking a thing of anyone for this trip. My last trip to Oz was largely funded by bloggy friends. But I will totally take you up on dinner because I would love to meet you. Just let me bring the wine!

    @ Mummy Hat - I can't believe I spent over a week in the Blue Mountains and didn't know you were there. There were a couple of days we were just hanging out doing nothing.

  33. Your sign should be the one I'm holding up right now:


    See? Easy!! x

  34. @ Maxabella - LOL! You guys are so accommodating.

    Hey, I wonder when that other Sydney conference is? I know a bunch of bloggers when last year (Eden, Woog, Corinne). I'll have to do some research to find out when that is.

  35. I think once you hit 38 comments on this post...

  36. @ Mel - you are such a wise woman! Creative, too.

  37. Here's a no-fail sign that ALWAYS works for me.

    Flip a coin (Heads=OZ, Tails=Kansas, of course!!). Whatever the outcome, flip it again.

    You've now either got a result, or a tie.

    Now. The trick ISN'T the result - it's how you feel about it. If you've got a result, do you feel elated, or disappointed?

    If you've got a tie - flip again, but take note of what you're wishing it will be. There's your answer!!

    If it's OZ, then all you need to do is make it happen (details, details ...).

    Good luck!

  38. I'd be happy for you to bring the wine, but buy something you like as we don't drink much.

    @Red Nomad, that's a really fabulous way of doing it. So many times I've flipped coins for things and just kept flipping wondering when to stop. Paying attention to your feelings is a fabulous way of doing things.


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