Monday, April 11, 2011

Planes, Trains and the bus to Katoomba

A couple of weeks back I put up some posts about the Aussie Bloggers Conference and some of the other goings on my first week in Sydney. But I had to stop there because I lost the cable to my camera and couldn't download my pictures from the rest of the trip! I had to order a replacement when I got home (which just arrived today).

What you might not know is that bright and early the morning after the conference, a big Qantas jet arrived from the States and delivered to me a couple little bundles of cuteness...

Two bundles of cuteness in downtown Katoomba

I was so excited to see my little kittens. I stood in the international arrivals lounge at Sydney Airport watching the passengers file out with their luggage thinking, "Where are they, where are they? They should be out by now." I was bone-tired from so many days of excitement and too little sleep, clutching a McDonald's coffee Eden had brought me, tears falling down my cheeks. All of a sudden this separation by continents was unbearable. Then I saw their little heads, bobbing down the walkway, each holding a pillow pet.

Lest you think they traveled all that way on their own, they didn't. They flew out with their cousin Trevor, who was on Spring Break from uni in California.

Trevor and kittens in front of a bridge that Oprah climbed

How excited were they about being in Australia? Well, here are some of the highlights of their trip. 

Not only did they get to fly on a humungous airplane with private TV screens in front of them, but they got to ride on a boat that served hot chocolate!

And a bus!

"Mama, you sit way up there, okay?"

And in a car on the left side of the road with the window rolled down!

It doesn't get much better than that.

* * * * *

Now that I have my photos, I'll have a few more posts coming up about our last two weeks in Australia, including time we spent with Corinne, Eden, Brenda and a very special resident chez Woog.

I also have a couple of posts from the drafts folder which I'm pulling out. I wrote them over the past year, but wasn't comfortable posting them before now because I felt they were too revealing or otherwise made me feel vulnerable. They are fairly emotional as they were written in the thick of some of the turmoil. Now that more is out in the open I've decided to post them.

Are you tired of clicking on this yet?

Don't worry, the competition ends on the 14th. At which point I'm sure angels will sing and the winners will be offered sponsorships to BlogHer. Or maybe just a badge to put on our websites. But again, thank you for your support. If I had the voice of an angel, I would sing your praises. x

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  1. how cool is that car shot? nothing like the feel of a gentle breeze in the face

    what a sweet post, your kittens look very happy on their holiday and how lucky they are to have a big cousin available to take them on such a long plane ride

    though i am sure big cousin is not complaining!

    Gill xo

  2. @ Gill - yes, it worked out very well. I had to bribe him just a bit, but he'd never been to Australia and really wanted to go. He's a big traveler. Now he wants to come back for a working holiday!

  3. I'm glad you and your kids had a great time here.... Hope spring is being kind do you over there....!

  4. @ Dorothy - the spring weather is gorgeous. A nice respite between the bitter cold and the oppresive heat!

  5. Teh kittehs are teh cuteness! Say Hi to Anna Banana for

  6. They're gorgeous! What lucky little rugrats to travel to Australia. I wish my Mum had taken me overseas ;)
    Looking forward to seeing more photos!

  7. @ Brenda - I will! I have a picture of Anna Banana and her brother in front of that gigantic banana split. I laugh every time I look at it!

  8. @ Kellie - I know! Not sure they're old enough to properly appreciate such an adventure. Just so grateful to my sponsors for including them.

  9. So nice to see your babies enjoying Australia. Hope you all get to come back soon.

  10. Some gorgeous weather you had there in Sydney. So glad for you! What memories for your two precious kittens. Love to you, Mama Cat :) xxx (p.s. of course I voted again!)

  11. A boat that served hot chocolate? Whoa! Whoa! Nobody mentioned this before! I'd've robbed a bank and flew out myself if I knew there was hot chocolate to be had!

  12. Glad your kidlets got to see how awesome NSW can be. I love seeing my home town through other people's eyes and I LOVE the car shot!

  13. Love. They are such gorgeous, sweet kids. x

  14. I've stood there too - in front of that bridge - I'm so well traveled

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  16. I didn't realise they weren't with you the whole time! Oh, no wonder you cried...but what an exciting adventure for them. That's making some exciting memories xxxCate

  17. I don't know why, but I have this sudden urge to sign up for accounting software training...

    Why does the spam filter catch real comments and not that? Pfaw!

  18. What a wonderful trip for them, and you of course. It must have been the most incredible adventure.
    Looking forward to more photos!

  19. Gosh, I got all teary reading about you waiting for your kids! How exciting. I had no idea they were out here with you.

    Looking forward to all those posts!


  20. That's awesome! What can be better than discovering Australia with your kids!


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