Sunday, April 3, 2011

The things they left behind

A gray headband
A pair of boys 4T underwear
Loreal Professional shampoo and conditioner for color treated hair
brand new, full-size, barely used. Fuck.

Strawberry jam
¼ loaf of bread
a full package of bad Italian coffee
two tubs of margarine
the first made with olive oil, no cholesterol or trans fats, used three times
the second artery-clogging cheap store brand, lesson learned

A pink iPod Touch
slipped unseen
from the pocket of a hoodie
onto a green vinyl train seat
somewhere between Parramatta and Seven Hills

The tears of a young girl
spotting her mother's t-shirt
Rocking, rocking back and forth
There is no solace for a child
who was just about to invade
Old MacDonald's place
on Zombie Farm.

“Can we call the train, Mommy?
Someone must have found it.”

Lessons learned, so young.

A homes magazine
Blue Mountains
glossy photos
dreams for sale

A broken shoe
tossed in a hotel bin

Sleep, uninterrupted
Night after night
What it is to relax
so deeply
had been forgotten
What a gift

whispered in the night
to oneself
Dreams of staying
wishful thinking

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  1. Oh Kristin...
    just a really big hug.
    and it's not enough.
    not nearly enough.

  2. You left wonderful warm memories of you and your kids here with us too..

    May you be safely back with us soon..

    From my lips to the universe's ear

  3. And lots of hearts filled with the wonder of meeting you Kristin, just as beautiful in real life as in cyberspace.

    I like what Mary said - from my lips to the universe's ear - be back here soon.


  4. Ah... what ifs, if onlys, can't we justs... all journeys are made of these.

  5. Oh god, it breaks my heart that you have to go back - I hardly know you, just your writing and one quick 'hello' at ausblogcon - but I would hide you in my attic if I thought it would work!!
    Here's to a return trip very soon...

  6. OH darling, I wish we could have put our collective arms around you and your kittens and kept you here safe. But we're still all behind you, Your Army, waiting to do whatever it is you need! Loads of Aussie love xo

  7. You are all three in my thoughts. x

  8. Oh and do I spy the blue mountains now in your header photos?? Beautiful place indeed.

  9. Hope you all get back to Zombie Farm and restful nights soon xox

  10. Hey it would be cool if you live in the Blue mountains because one day we will be there too.

  11. :(

    I don't know what to say. I hope one day you can call Sydney home. x

  12. I didnt get to meet you at ABC ( because i wasnt there, so sad for me ) and i havent been following you for long but... i'm sending you and your children all the good vibes i can muster. I hope they help keep you safe when you get home, and i hope they help you make it back to your dream home in the Blue Mountains!

  13. Oh mate I can *imagine* how deeply the loss if that pink iPod touch is felt! Poor little sweetheart! xox

  14. That is so beautifully written, its heartbreaking xox

  15. You're words are always weaved with magic, and never fail to give me goosebumps. I pray we get you all back here soon for some of those deeply refreshing uninterrupted nights sleep xx

  16. You also left behind your international adapter! Miss you and see you soon xx

  17. Beautiful, as always, even in the pain and the what if's and the yearnings.

    How I so deeply wish you could stay in the country that so nurtures you and gives you such returns. There's more of it, waiting for you and your dear children. I so hope the universe comes through.

  18. Your photo brought back childhood memories as I grew up in the Blue Mountains. I know that station, and I know those trains so well. I used to catch a train just like that to and from primary school every day, and as a teen, those trains took me on shopping adventures, to meet boys and as an 18/19 year old, out to clubs in the city.

    It is such a beautiful place to live your post has made me realise how much I took it for granted when it was my home.

    I hope your dreams come true, that you come back, and one day you can call it your home too.

  19. on the first look I thought it would be a balanced rhythmic poem but anyway..haha!!
    I loved the way you concluded it...
    whispered in the night
    to oneself
    Dreams of staying
    wishful thinking
    Really beautiful :)


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