Friday, April 1, 2011

With sugar on top

Can I ask you a big favor? Someone nominated Wanderlust for the Circle of Mom's 25 Most Inspiring Families (thanks someone!). If you like Wanderlust, please hop over and vote for me. My blog is currently down near the bottom because I just now saw the email and registered it.

You can vote once a day (really? Really) until April 15.

Thanks again for all of your incredible support since I went public with some of the information on my husband's case and my fears for my family. I have received many beautiful and overwhelming emails and comments offering help and prayers.

I'll give you an update on my situation when I feel safe doing so. Until then, thank you, thank you, thank you. I feel very vulnerable having spoken out and your support gives me strength.

Here's the icon you can click to vote for Wanderlust:

And here's a picture of me and my kids in Leura in the Blue Mountains, just because. Someday, I will live in the Blue Mountains.

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  1. I couldn't think of a more inspiring family :) Done!

  2. As though I could send mine anywhere else....

  3. Added my vote...

    the support you're receiving is a measure of how amazing you are, K. You're a beautiful woman, inside and out.
    With all my heart I'm hoping and praying that things work out for you this year, and that you get your home on the Blue Mts.

  4. @ Melissa & @ Toni - Aw, love and love. xo

  5. Done and done. Love you.

  6. Done. By my reckoning you're coming 5th now.

  7. How could I not? You're the most inspiring person I know.

  8. You have my vote too, Kristin.
    My heart breaks for your situation, but as always you are courageous and beautiful and honest. You and your precious kidlets will live in the Blue Mountains, I'm sure of it. Stay strong lovely mama.

  9. Done and Done!
    Oh and you should definitely move to the beautiful Blue Mountains!
    It is spectacular here. Everybody is sooo nice! It's such a wonderful community. Hubby and I moved here a year and a half ago and we're NEVER EVER LEAVING!!!
    Glad to hear you enjoyed your time here. Stay safe and you're in my prayers.

  10. @ MummyHat - yes, I loved the friendliness and sense of community. If I didn't have correct change for the bus the driver would just wave us on. And once we were waiting for the bus and a couple of people actually stopped to see if we needed a ride (and not in a creepy way). And the views! Around every turn the views are just breathtaking. x

  11. You guys are so awesome. I love you. xx

  12. Beautiful photo of a beautiful family - off to vote right now!

  13. Beautiful photo. I hope your someday is soon. The Blue Mountains is a gorgeous place.
    Off to vote for you now xo

  14. Voted, of course. And will continue to. Could I post to FB or would that feel creepy to you? I have a lot of great moms like you who are friends and would more than support you in your situation.

  15. @ Inkpuddle - feel free to post, lovely - thank you! xx

  16. Of course, you are amazing x

  17. Hey we ate at that place behind you in the pic!
    Will vote for you K!


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