Sunday, May 22, 2011

Hopping on the expat bandwagon

You may recall a while back when I was harassing you (gently) to vote for me each in the Circle of Moms Inspiring Families Contest? Yes?

Well, in case you haven't heard they are now holding a similar contest for Expat Moms and some of my favorite bloggy moms have made the list.

The gorgeous and uber-funny Jadeluxe is up near the top. You'll find Vegemitevix, London City Mum, Note from Lapland, Mommy Has a Headache and Very Bored in Catalunya. Did I miss anyone?  If I did, let me know. Click here to vote.

You can vote for as many of these lovely ladies as you'd like AND you can vote every day. Doesn't get much better than that.

Actually, I lie. It could totally get better. Next year, you could see this on the expat mom list.

And look, I wasn't kidding about the guy that mows my lawn every week.


 Yes, our petunias have legs...


  1. I think that photo of you should become a part of our Tourism campaign.
    If I wasn't already here, I'd come here for sure!

  2. @ Dorothy - it's HUGE, hence my gratitude for not having to mow!

    @ Kellie - or maybe just :P

  3. Seriously, I stared at that photo for five whole minutes trying to work out WTF was going on with the petunias and the legs...I have a kickass migraine and I honestly thought I might be seeing things.

    If only I'd scrolled's greatest mystery would have been solved.

    Don't tease with the moving to Australia stuff. You'll be getting our hopes up in no time...

  4. @ Melissa - I am *so* not a tease. x

  5. Love the legs on the petunia - that was the first thing I noticed about that photo, lol.
    I think you'd make an awesome Aussie - that photo says it all!

  6. Your neighbours are just the best!! Gotta love a man who willingly mows your lawn! I too love the Aussie Flag photo.... looks so good it must be real right??

  7. I'm digging that bright orange sunshade!

  8. LOL You've made my day with that photo!

  9. ooh I could watch that guy mowing all day! Good luck if you choose to move down under I'm sure they'd love to have you. Thanks for voting for me too!

  10. Wow, that's some hanging basket. Sadly the pic of the gardener doesn't do him justice I suspect.

    Thanks for the shout out though, much appreciated. xx

  11. LOL! Loving the petunias!! ;)
    All the best with the Circle of Moms too. I'll be voting!
    And here's to next year entering as an Aussie!

  12. Oh oh oh, I almost missed this! How could I have? Mind must have been plankton-starved for a while! Thanks so much for all your support and love and for introducing me to Jadeluxe's cool, funny blog. Contest finishes today, and hopefully we've snuck through. Hey, and guess what? If you go to live in Oz there's a very high chance we'll get to meet! xx


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