Friday, May 20, 2011

The house tucked up

Today's post comes from a very special friend of the heart who has walked a difficult road with grace, humility and unflinching honesty.

Today she is writing about her home, where the sun sets low over the inland bay, her children trail sand into the kitchen and kangaroos nap on the front lawn. I'm not at all envious.

Please welcome Lori from Random Ramblings of a SAHM.

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I love my house, my cottage, at the moment, at night. When my house breathes a sigh of relief, it's children in bed, and it curls up into itself.

It's winter in Australia, and cold even where I am, in Paradise. The dark falls quickly, right on toddler dinner time.

We spend our afternoons on our wide green lawn, playing with water and sand and digging in our garden. Just on dinnertime, just on dusk, I herd my two tiny, tired children inside and begin the process of putting our house to bed.

Closing blinds, turning on lights. Beeping on the air conditioner to warm the chill off the air.

Then I bathe my children, clean their teeth and brush their hair, and cuddle with them on the lounge as we watch goodnight TV, breathing in the scent of flanelette pajamas warmed by perfect unblemished skin, the sweet smell of baby shampoo.

When my children are sleepy, I plod chubby limbs into their respective beds, and i go about erasing their damage for the day.

I wash dishes and clothes, wipe fingerprints from surfaces. Fold washing, wipe down benches and bathrooms.

And then I light incense, dragons blood or sandalwood or white sage, and I watch TV, I eat the food my children do not know is in the cupboards, and I write.

I enjoy the warmth, the soft yellow light from the only lamp I have on, so the house is dark but for the desk where my computer sits, and blue-ish, flickering glow from the TV, which provides a bubbling background as my fingers tap keys, weave words into stories and posts.

I like my house, at night, tucked up.

It feels like we're all at peace.

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  1. This post just feels like it is coming from a place of serenity . . . if that makes any sense. It just feel peaceful and happy.

    Beautifully written Lori. It warms my heart.

  2. That really does sounds like Paradise.

  3. Beautifully written Lori it sounds gorgeous, you sound like you are easing into bliss once again.

  4. That sounds gorgeous Lori - all excpet the cleaning up stuff. So impressed you do all that before bed!

  5. Ah, it sounds like more than the house is @ peace in Paradise!! *SIGH*. :)

  6. Sounds warm and cozy and peaceful. Beautiful.

  7. Oh Lori, you've painted such a loving picture with your words. Can just imagine the glow of that lamp as you write away x

  8. it sounds so calm and lovely. I hope it is (even just sometimes) :-)
    have a great weekend Lori...

  9. Beautifully expressed, as always, Lori. At peace. That's something. xo

  10. What beautiful imagery. Felt like I was standng in the corner of the room...

  11. Beautiful descriptive. Makes bedtime seem so easy!! Lovely post though xx

  12. I've never thought of my house as being tucked up before, but you're right; tucked up describes it perfectly. lock the doors, close blinds and curtains, turn on the corner lamp and the heater, you can almost feel the sleep easing in.

  13. I love it! Especially the 'I eat food my children do not know is in the house' :)

  14. Lori, you're writing is beautiful. Really, really beautiful. I feel all cosy and lovely and warm after reading that. Thank you!

    And thank you Wanderlust for having this lovely guest blogger posat here. I love the way you write. So passionately and from the heart. Beautiful. xx

  15. Is it weird that when I read this I want to be one of your children? I am 22...but being tucked in, in such a peaceful, loving house in flanalette PJs sounds just so lovely :)

    Recent follower Lori but I adore your writing <3 Thank you

  16. I love a tucked up house. Here's to a lovely winter ahead filled with many nights like this for you Lori. xx


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