Thursday, May 19, 2011


Today I wore white. I wore white to honor the memory of my friend Nikki's mother-in-law Faye. I also wore white for my friend Sawhole's mum.  Both women lost their lives to ovarian cancer.

I lost my own mom to cancer when she was only 52. My father had an agressive form of testicular cancer in his 40's and I've been diagnosed twice, once with a rare form of soft tissue cancer and two years later with thyroid cancer. I was successfully treated both times.

My children wore white today, too. They were a bit cranky this morning and didn't want to smile for the camera. I don't blame them. I'm a bit cranky at 7:30 in the morning as well.

Please see your doctor on a regular basis. If you are having any unusual symptoms, such as fever, heartburn or pain that is not subsiding, don't hesitate to get them checked out.

Also, don't wait until tomorrow to hug your children, say I'm sorry, buy flowers, follow your calling, dance in the rain, hold open the door for the person behind you or smile at a stranger.

It may not always feel like it, but life truly is a gift.

P.S. I was interviewed by Circle of Moms, a global network of over 8 million parents, for the Inspiring Families award. Thanks again to everyone who voted for Wanderlust. You can read the interview here. xx


  1. Beautiful post and beautiful you x

  2. It is a gift. And your blog post today only added to it. Thank you.

  3. Lovely post K, can I also say you look beautiful in white. Great reminder about having checks, so often we put them off. xxx

  4. I wore white yesterday and everyone I know noticed (because I never wear white, ever, in fact I had to buy a bloody jersey top in white just so I could wear white) and I told EVERY SINGLE ONE of them why I was wearing white.

    So that was good. x

  5. A lovely post Kristin, and I'm sorry that you have lost your mum.

    My mum passed away too when she was just 34 from breast and ovarian cancer, so anything we can do to raise awareness and drive toward early detection and ultimately a cure is paramount.

    A percentage of these cancers are also hereditary so it is important for us all to be aware of our risks. Pink Hope is a good place to start for people who think they may be at high risk of ovarian or breast cancer. Loads of info, and a supportive community (and I'm a proud ambassador too).

    Hope this helps xAndrea

  6. Oh Andrea, you must have been quite young when you lost your mom. I'm so sorry. Thank you so much for posting the link and for your work with Pink Hope.

  7. Thank you Kakka - I rarely wear white (other than t-shirts). Like Maxabella, I tend to go for deeper shades. But I pulled out the one blouse I had and ironed it last night.

    The kids were keen to join in too when I explained to them what the day was about. Too bad they weren't up for smiling. Though perhaps I should have posted the grumpy picture!

  8. I wore white too. I think it was a wonderful cause, I just wish I were in a position to help more.

    I would have dressed the kids in white too, but the sensible Mummy in me doesn't buy them white!

  9. Cancer is a real bastard isn't it. Even worse when it takes our loved ones way too soon. Fingers crossed you've had your first and only brushes with it. x

  10. I don't wear white. Normally. I can't trust myself. I am challenged in the fashion department. I spill food/coffee on me. Or my kids wipe their noses or vomit on me. Or I cuddle a pet and get covered in fur.
    I don't have a white shirt, but I did wear a white t-shirt today. I hope that counts.

  11. I'm not normally a cranky person (unless I'm hungry), but it makes me cranky, big-time, to lose anyone to cancer. Both my son's grandfathers died of lung cancer, a number of my relatives have had concerns with skin cancer, and my son has several aunts and cousins who have died of breast cancer. I wasn't aware of the 'wearing of white' until after the fact, but I was with you in spirit.

  12. True and beautiful. Your blog is always inspiring to me.

  13. Beautiful...My Mum died of cancer too at age 51. It sucks. Thank you for this. xx

  14. Cancer - bastard - sadly seems to unite so many of us.



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