Monday, June 20, 2011

Blogus Carnivalus

Ooh! It's that time of the month again. No, not that time. Time for the Digital Parents blog carnival. And guess who's hosting June's carnival? None other than the fantabulous carnival creator herself, Brenda at Mummytime. After creating it, she crowned me Carnival High Preistess, which means that if you want in on the hosting action, despite what Brenda says, you need to send your bribes to ME (now accepting cash, paypal donations, dark chocolate and Qantas tickets). Or, you can just go to the Blog Carnival page at Digital Parents and sign up there. We're scheduling into late 2012 (yeah, we're that popular)!

Not a member of Digital Parents? Go sign up now. It's a site for Australian blogging parents. And those of us who are faux-Aussie enough to infiltrate. Their border patrol is pretty lax. Bet you can get in too.

But for now, pour yourself a cuppa and head over to Brenda's house for some good reading. My post Soul Mates is featured this month. Just click the button below.

Digital Parents Blog Carnival


  1. So 50.50 split is totally fair, yeah? hehehe.

  2. Can't wait until it's my turn to get a cut ... snigger. xo

  3. Does wishing I was an Aussie count?

  4. I know all (okay some) the words to Men at Work's classic Australian anthem and promotional masterpiece - Down Under if that is enough?

    I can't help thinking that being English and technically male somehow is going to crop up against me at some point though./

  5. @Steve and Glen - you both totally qualify. There's at least one other Brit dad on there (Dan at All That Comes with It).

    @Veggie Mama - Violet Crumbles...nom nom nom!

    @Brenda - Fine. YOu take the cash, I'll take the chocolate, kay?

    @Bronnie - You're on the list, aren't you, love?


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