Sunday, July 17, 2011

A belated thank you and le carnival

Every now and then I come across a post in which someone has linked to something I've written and perhaps said a few words about it, and I'm always pleasantly surprised and humbled. This happened the other day when I noticed I was getting several hits from a blog I was not familiar with and followed the link back. Curious, I did a google search on myself and was surprised at what I came up with.

Because I missed them earlier, I just wanted to say thank you to the following for their lovely posts and kind words.

Puddleduck in the Big Smoke - Falling Through the Cracks of the System

Dafeenah - Friday Find: Wanderlust Compassion

Combat Sports Review Blog - The Courage to Speak

So thanks again to my new bloggy friends for your beautiful words and thoughtfulness. And apologies for not seeing your posts sooner.

(Yes, I have Google Alerts, but try having a blog named Wanderlust and see what you get. :)

Today is also the day the July Digital Parents blog carnival debuts. It's being hosted by Sarah at Just Me. My piece 'A different kind of prison' is included in this month's round-up of June's best posts by Australian (*ahem*) bloggers. Just click the button below to visit the site.

Digital Parents Blog Carnival


  1. Go, you good thing :) xxx Is it really any wonder you are linked back to and quoted?

  2. Thanks for your help re blog carnival Kristin, I love reading your stuff - amazing writing!
    Cheers, Skye

  3. Aw, thanks Kir. Love you xoxo

    @ Skyelee - thanks hon! I saw your post up there too. Can't wait to start reading. It's almost midnight here so I'm going to tackle the list in the morning!

  4. Blogging at it's best - a network of love.

  5. I absolutely think you deserve to be linked to. The more light that can be shed on situations such as yours the better. You have given me a lot of inspiration as I am struggling with my own issues with my ex and the inability of the court system to take away his rights. Keep fighting for what you know is right.

  6. I love reading you too my love. And eating your sweets. (Erm, that sounds wrong, doesn't it?)


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