Thursday, July 21, 2011

How to save a life

Please take a moment to read this post. By doing so, you could save a life.

Do you know which disease is the largest killer of young children in developing countries?

It's not AIDS or tuberculosis, but pneumonia. Over two million children die as a result of it each year. You cannot immunise against pneumonia, but it is a serious and common complication of measles, and you can immunise against measles. Measles is highly contagious (90% of those who come into close contact will become infected).

Vicks began the Road to Relief initiative as a way of fighting pneumonia in developing countries. Their goal: immunize 2 million children (to date they are over 3/4 of the way to that goal). They have made it very easy for us to help them do just that.

  • For every person who 'likes' their Facebook page, they will immunize one child. Did you read that? All you have to do is 'like' their page and you could save a child's life.

  • For every specially marked Vicks product you purchase (in Australia), Vicks will immunise one child.

  • Help spread the word. Share their FB page, put a link on your blog, tell your friends. Help them reach their goal and save more lives.

When I was in Sydney in March I had the opportunity, along with a small group of bloggers, to have lunch with Mia Freedman and hear her talk about her trip to Papua New Guinea as the Ambassador for Vicks Road to Relief. Vicks teamed with UNICEF to deliver the immunisations and we saw pictures of the clinics held in remote villages, where families often traveled from far away to bring their children. This year's Ambassador is Erik Thompson.

Erik Thompson in Laos - Vicks Road to Relief
This is not a sponsored post, a review nor an endorsement for a product. It's simply an excellent opportunity to help children and I want to do what I can to support it.

Several hundred people will read this post. If each of you 'likes' the FB page, then hundreds of children will receive vaccinations. If you share this post on Twitter or Facebook, then that many more people will see it and have an opportunity to help. It's really that simple.

Thank you for reading.

Once again, here is the link.


  1. Wow.

    Just wow.

    Liked on fb. Will share on my fb as well when I log on again later.

    I plan to get mum to send me some vicks before winter comes on again over here so will make sure she gets one that will also go towards immunizing children. I didn`t know they were running this campaign.

    N just had is MR recently- they don`t immunize against mumps here usually but I can request it later and probably will since mumps is quite common here and can cause boys to become sterile- and S will have his about 15 months I think.

    I take for granted the fact my boys have access to immunizations and that most of them are free. I have to pay for certain ones but we are lucky enough that we can afford to do that and that the option is available to us.

  2. Thanks Lulu! I know, there is so much I take for granted. I was talking with a friend yesterday and mentioning that if I lived in a developing country, neither I nor my daughter would have survived childbirth. We are so fortunate.

    It's a great initiative. Kudos to Vicks.

  3. Brilliant idea. Already onto it!

  4. I have liked the FB page and I will share this across my social circles. Thank you for posting this...the word needs to spread! Cheers, Jenn

  5. I've had pneumonia many times, including when I was a toddler/kid. Only my mother's vigilance back then, when not much was available to fix it, saved my life.
    Now when it happens, usually there is no medicine for me except rest. But at least I have a bed, soup, and roof above my head.
    I totally support this cause. xo

  6. This hits home.
    My little brother died from phnemonia when he was 10 months old, merely hours after a Doctor told my mother she was being pedantic and let the child sleep.

    If just one child is saved from yuor blog, it's one family that doesn't have to go through what mine did.
    Thank you.

  7. Awesome idea! Thanks for sharing.
    Off to 'Like'. :)

  8. Brilliant...thank you and also such a lovely blog you

  9. Thank you for posting this. Alexander has pneumonia at the moment, and as a brittle asthmatic, this is no small affair for him. Fortunately both of my children are immunised against measles, but still. It's becoming more and more common in this country not to do so.

  10. Thakns everyone.

    @Tattoomummy - your comment made me so sad. That is heartbreaking. I can't imagine losing a child, there could be nothing worse. That is why I want to support this initiative. Such a worthy cause. xxx

  11. I shared this post and a link to your blog on my FB page. What a wonderful cause and lately Babble has been posting a lot on the vaccination debate.

  12. Thanks for sharing this, it's so important. I love what they're doing, not just as a PR move, but because it's so very important.

  13. Just liked the Vick's FB Page, thank you for sharing this information!

  14. Yay, more vaccinations. Thanks guys! xoxo

  15. Thank you so much for bring attention to this. As a Mum my greatest fear is losing my child, I feel so strongly for Mother's that have to face that reality. I have liked their facebook page and will be looking for the specially marked Vics when we need a refill.


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