Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Pre-Blogopolis drinks, I'm SOOOOOO excited!

So I've been reading all over the place about Blogopolis and every time I log onto Facebook I get a reminder for the Friday night drinks! I could not be more excited. I've never been to Melbourne. But I need your help, it's fast approaching and I still haven't decided what to wear. So I'm putting it to a vote. I need the perfect cocktail dress for drinks with my bloggy friends.

What do you think? Should I go with flirty?

Pretty in pink

Or something retro

Roaring 20's

Hmmm.... I'm actually thinking I should go with a more sleek look

Far east meets mermaid

Then again, Aussies are pretty big into the green movement

Flashbacks of Narnia...

What do you think, is this too much?

Pardon me, which way to the top of your daughter's birthday cake?

I don't look desperate in this, do I?

Hey Sailor, you should see what I wear for lingerie

My spidey senses are tingling...

Severe scoliosis doesn't keep me at home

You know, I realize it's getting down to the wire, but I'm wondering if I should get a sponsor before I start worrying about dresses.

Oh relax! I still have 24 hours left. And if I board a plane five hours ago I can make it in plenty of time for drinks.

See you in my dreams Melbourne, my friends.  Ciao! xoxo

Edit: Never mind, those of us not attending are having a merkin Skype party where we will toast each other with abandon and not have to drive home (see comments).  Sponsored by Amanda Palmer.


  1. I hear you. I'm having the same dream. While at home with the 3 kids, thunderstorms keeping us locked up inside the house.

    Having said that - since there's no witnesses to my crimes against fashion - I'd go with the "Hello Sailor" number, and crack open a bottle of bubbly.

    I'm having a faux Blogopolis cocktail party. With two 2yr olds and a 5yr old

    The upside of having my own Blogopolis pity party at home, being that I don't have to share my bubbly.

    Or wear control underwear.

  2. @PP - Maybe we should have a Skype party for all us non-blogopoli's. We can toast each other in our cocktail lingerie, get snockered and not have to drive home. Bonus!

  3. I am officially RSVPing for the Skype party, which I am planning to attend nude x

  4. This is the only single time I've regretted not having Skype. Not when the family took extended OS trips. Only now when I could get out my wedding gear (seriously...the only fancy shmancy stuff I've ever owned. Circa 1999).

    Mrs Woog...surely you jest?! You can't seriously expect me to believe you'd go sans merkin?!

  5. Oooooh, a merkin party!!! We should!!!

  6. I'm totally in on the skype with drinks. And no need for designated drivers. You have the best ideas Kristin!

  7. I would go with the green one. I will imagine you there in that dress and have a drink, or three, with you. At least you get to go to BlogHer. That is so far out of realm, even if I could afford it, I'd be terrified of 3000! bloggers....

  8. Since I am going, can I borrow the spidey sense dress pls? Ta muchly.

  9. I'm loving the retro look, think you would rock that one. Shame you can not be there.

  10. I like the idea of a merkin party...
    We could wear them as goatee's?

  11. I'm not going either :( boo for me.
    A skype party sounds great. Although I'll be wearing clothes, nobody needs to see that ;-)

  12. ROFL.

    I actually thought you were coming, but my suspicions were raised with the spidey dress.

    What is the official hashtag for the non-Blogopolis peeps? Because I know it will be funeeee. #nonnb?

    I wish you were coming. XOX

  13. woo! I'm in. Amanda plmering it up!

  14. Woo to the hoo! Our numbers grow!!

  15. Friday night just happens to be Thunder Maker's band practice night. I totally need to get the boys to bed early, then dig out my #merkin and a bottle of bubbly so I can join in on the Skype action.

  16. @Sidetracked - Yes, yes, yes! And I'm totally not going to let the fact that it's Friday morning in the States and I'll be at the office stop me from donning my merkin and pouring some bubbly. I'm sure my boss will be cool with that.

  17. Love the dresses, but your comments about them are hilarious! especially about which way to your daughter's birthday cake - priceless!

  18. Count me in too.
    Not game for naked and wearing merkin.
    Will dodgy cardi and ugg boots, Mrs Woog style do?

    Also no-one will mind my smoking with my G&T in hand....The wonders of modern technology, glad we don't have smell-o-vision yet! Will not feel like a leper.

  19. @Humblehousewife - we do not discriminate on the basis of cardigans. Come as ye are, love!

  20. A few online girlfriends and I (when I say a few the count is at 25) are hosting an online hens night for one of the girls. It will be super and we are dressing up and getting smashed. Well I am anyway....everyone else is either on a health kick or pregnant haha. @goodgollymissholly is coming so it should be epic.

  21. I am so in for this.

    Hopefully the Irishman won't ask questions. Even he can't get me naked these days!

  22. Flirty does it for me everytime!

  23. I think the green one is perfect for your coloring, hair color and curvaceous body. Its length is perfect too. I don't think slutty is a good look, and this is elegant and sexy as well as quite classy.
    With your hair you could also wear gun metal grey too. It'd pop!

    Of course, maxi dresses are so 'in' too. :)

  24. @Karen - I think the green ones wins, too. I'll pick a merkin to match.

  25. Oh Flirty, definitely Flirty!! x

  26. That green look is priceless. Yes, very Aussie!!!! ;)
    PS. I'm not in Melbourne tonight either! :(


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