Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Bra therapy

The last couple of weeks have been rather emotional for me, coming to terms with the loss of my grandmother, and I've dealt with it in the same mature fashion I deal with all life challenges. I bought a new bra.

When my plane touched down in Texas I met my brother and nephew, but we had some time to kill before the memorial service so we stopped at a Barnes & Noble. I expertly noted the book store was connected to a mall, which housed a Victoria's Secret, so I told them I'd meet them in an hour and I was gone. (By the way, VS models annoy me, with their anorexic-looking silicone-pumped bodies, but I do love their bras.)

For the next hour, I was in heaven. I walked out with this ensemble:

When I got home, I was disappointed to discover the wings were sold separately. Bastards.

I think it's safe to say that all of us have engaged in retail therapy from time to time and we each have our particular fetish. I have friends that have the most incredible collections of shoes, handbags, earrings, you name it. (Okay, so the earrings is me again.)

I don't understand all the handbag excitement. I buy one at Target and it lasts me a year or two. I'm the same way with shoes. Then again, I have friends that think bras are strictly utilitarian and cannot understand why I would waste my money on such an indulgence.

In the post childbearing years I felt the same way. A boob was something to heft out of an industrial strength restraint and plant in the mouth of a crying infant. But as my children grew a bit older and I began to reclaim my body, both figuratively (I no longer had tiny people treating it like a jungle gym) and aesthetically (I lost some of the baby fat and found my figure again), pretty bras began to peak an interest in me again. I gleefully waved goodbye to my beige D-cup days and began embracing C-cup sexy.

There are bras for every conceivable mood.

Some are cute and fun

Some are va-va-va-voom!

There are spiky bras

nursing bras

gorgeous French bras I can't afford

man bras

pet-friendly bras

and, um, whatever-this-is bras

The funny thing is that no one sees my bras but me. (Well, me and everyone reading this post right now.)  But that's not the point. I just like knowing my boobs are cradled in silk and lace gorgeousness. And to be perfectly honest, it's kind of nice having my ta-tas all to myself again.

So what about you? Do you have a bra fetish? Or do you indulge in other forms of alternative therapy? Aw, come one, spill it. After all, I showed you mine.

P.S. I totally want the burgandy and black velvet balconette up near the top. It's calling to me...


  1. Ah no. I don't even go swimming. =/ V. shy, always have been. Ya won't ever see any pictures of me like that! I'll tell ya none of mine are fancy, and none are from VS. Besides, I'm single....

    But wherefore in Texas art thou? Just curious.

    ***Never met any of my bloggy friends and being cooped up for the past 3 weeks because I have absolutely no life it would be absolutely awesome but seeing as Texas is immense there is probably almost no chance you're anywhere near me but there's no harm in asking.....

  2. I, like, totally have a bra fetish but somehow I don't think it's the same thing as yours at all...

  3. I rarely wear a bra these days so no bra therapy for me, and I still can't find my new one, which sucks.

  4. This is one of the extremely disappointing aspects of breastfeeding. Not only am I wearing entirely boring breastfeeding bras, but chances are my size will be different by the time I'm finished rendering all of my other bras entirely useless.

  5. Ahh that reminds me I have the Victoria's Secret calatelogue t browse!

  6. I have big boobs (D to E cup) and for a long time I stuck to plain and strong.
    But lately I've found a company that makes pretty bras for bigger boobs and I'm LOVING' IT!!
    I've bought aqua, violet, black and white sets, all with matching knickers, and I feel girly and pretty even if I'm wearing trackydacks and a T-shirt over top.
    Also, Fabio likes them, which is all good since they're not cheap!
    Have to admit, I do love handbags too.....

  7. I really love that black and purple french bra!
    I don't buy pretty bras, I can't afford them. I buy plain sports bras that hold the boobs firmly so I don't jiggle when walking or working. I can't stand jiggling!
    I'd love to have something pretty and lacey, but it isn't easy getting one that fits comfortably and doesn't cost the earth.

  8. The Boofhead gave me some cash for Mothers Day to buy some underwear. I think he was hoping I'd come home with something lacy and a bit racey. I bought an assortment of comfy granny undies and sensible work bras (the kind you can't see under a shirt). Needless to say,, he was disappointed. Serves the lazy bugger right for not going out to pick me something himself.

  9. Yep. I'm with you girl. Let the other ladies oooh and ahhh over a purse or shoes, I'm buying something for 'the girls'.
    It has it's practical points too - it's hard to be intimidated by a salesman whose daily commission is less than the investment he doesn't see standing right in front of him

  10. @Ashley, I'm actually in Kansas. I was in Texas for my grandma's service (Dallas). I get down there several times a year though.

    And honey, I'm single too. It's kind of nice to be able to wear a gorgeous bra without someone trying to rip it off you.

  11. @Tenille - next time, tell him to give you a gift certificate to Victoria's Secret. They you'll both be happy. :)

  12. @Daze of Whine and Roses - Yeah girl! *fist bump*.

  13. This has to be my favorite ever post - it's just a shame you didn't write anything as well as put pictures up... :-)

  14. Ummm could it be the "Hands on Bra"? I have to confess I wear the same style bra year in year out. I went to an Intimo party this year and bought a bra that was the same "size" as my regular and it didn't fit.... was supposed to be the same cup size but when I put them side by side to measure it was about an INCH off either side. The cup itself was deep but your boobs had to squish together. So I sent it back and went and bought another of my favourites.....

  15. I do love a good bra. As well as the boobs, they lift the spirit!

  16. I wish we have a VS here so so badly.
    If I ever get over to the states i'm hitting you up for a VS shopping trip!

    Do you get the matching undies?

  17. @ Miss Pink - yes, matching undies too (but of course...)

  18. I am loving the designs of these bras. They are infectious novelty. Moving on, it is nice to curl up in lingerie or nude for a good night's sleep.
    lingerie bag


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