Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Where have all the nude rugby fans gone?

Last week I wrote a piece about Thylane Blondeau, the 10-year-old model from France. I felt pretty strongly about the topic because I've seen the dark side of child exploitation. However, I'm now almost wishing I hadn't posted. Why? Well, look at the google searches that now land on my blog. Here's a snap of the searches over the course of a couple of hours:

click to enlarge

It makes me feel a bit... dirty, all these gawkers coming here looking for her photos (some of the searches include "topless" - ugh). Six of my top 10 searches now have to do with her or her parents. I'm hoping the media frenzy passes quickly and the young girl can focus on being a child. And my searches go back to looking like this:

click to enlarge

I miss the days when people used to come to my blog looking for "nude sports" and "body painting on men." Somehow, it all felt so much more wholesome then...

Anyway, I thought I would post a few pictures of what childhood looks like around here, with $3 sunglasses and teddy bears, courtesy of our recent road trip (post to follow). Cue the 'awwwws..."

Ready to roll

movies work well on long trips...

until they don't, at which point you have to hand
over your camera for random self-portraits

It was hot there

really, really hot

Tonight I'm going to raise an adult beverage to childhood, and to children being children while they can.


  1. The internet is a mirror to humanity. Sadly the negative traits tend to be the most visible... but there is goodness too. And rightness. I like the idea of some idiot searching for a topless picture of Thylane Blondeau and instead having his morality both questioned and challenged by your thought provoking blog piece. If only one person questions and readdresses their behaviour as a consequence then it is a victory.

  2. @Steve - thanks for reframing this is a positive light. :)

  3. Waaa, I was all ready for some nude hot footballer gawking. Lucky for you, that you posted cute gratuitious kid photos otherwise you would have a lot of disappointed readers ;-p

  4. Or maybe I was the only expecting nude pics.

    hmm now slightly embarrassed.

  5. Ah, come on Ellie, I posted a link to my *last* nude rugby post (complete with pics, go lookie). I can't believe people would rather look at nude men in top physical condition than, well, my adorable kids...

  6. I wonder if any potential pervs decide to follow you instead?!
    You could be sainted at this rate!
    Loved your pics - of actual children being actual children. Shock horror.

  7. @Mum on the Run - I'm a perv magnet. Apparently.

  8. Perv magnet for sure. PS wetting pants slightly at your counter header..... you are a genuis x

  9. @Woog - Wanderlust is the go-to place for information on penis grips. Apparently.

    Been trying to comment on your post, Disqus is fighting me. Wanted to say, please don't ever stop swearing on your blog! xoxo

    Oh, and we're planning a cross-country drive to the Floriday Keys in May. You're coming. See Eden's wall. Just go with it, kay?

  10. I'm so out of the loop, I don't even know what a penis grip is. I'm going to have to search in the archives for that one.

    And yes on the CC drive. Will I need to meet you in Kansas or is Oklahoma on the way?

  11. @Rhonda - not sure, we'll have to figure all that out when plans start to gel. And I don't know what a penis grip is either. Or why that search would land on my blog!

  12. Wow, there are some sad pervs out there.
    But I did laugh at the penis grip and possum collage!

  13. really thoughtful reflection on the effect of a story. this is the sort of thing sites like the ny times should be showcasing: women who aren't afraid to write about thorny topics and be thoughtful about the modern reality of telling that story. i'm just saying:)

  14. @Ed Pilolla - thanks. If the NYT wants to knock on my door, I'll always answer. :)

  15. Possum Collage did it for me. I would just dearly love to know WTF that was about.


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