Thursday, September 29, 2011

How not to shop

You've heard the tips before on how to shop, right?

1. Don't go grocery shopping when you're hungry.

2. Make a list before you go and don't buy anything that isn't on the list.

3. Make a monthly budget and stay within it.


I shop when I'm starving, I make lists and leave them at home. I drive by a shop and say, "Ooooh, let's go in there!"

This may explain how it is that I stopped at Walmart today to exchange some socks I had bought for my son, and came home with this:

They were not on my list. But aren't they cute?

They are 8 weeks old, brother and sister from the same litter.

When the kids came home from school, they thought they'd died and gone to heaven.

I tried and tried and tried to take a good picture, but the only time they stopped moving was when they fell asleep here, with a lot of sunlight in the background. 

This guy's definitely a breast man.

They are sitting on me right now, as I blog.

The kids have been asking for a cat forever. I've been telling them for the last year that we would get two kitties after we moved house (which I've thought for the last year was imminent). Because it doesn't make sense to get a pet before making an overseas move, right?

So, take it from me. When it comes to shopping, don't take it from me.

They need names. What should we name them??



    Call the boy one SawHole and the girl one Brynne x

  2. @Woog - see what you did? You planted the seed with Chuey.

  3. Oh WOW they're so cute. My Princess would LOVE you to go shopping with her!
    They are gonna look SO weird being worn with sneakers though. Or did you get more socks as well?

  4. @Toni - I *did* get the socks (and cat food, and litter, and kittie toys, and and and...).

    So would you let me take your princess shopping? Just look at it this way, I'm training her future husband to give in to her whims.

  5. My little brother has a cat called Cotton Socks and it looks very much like the black kitten you have. As for the grey one, not sure. I'll have to get back to you on that...
    What sort of names are you after? Fun, eccentric or normal?

    Or, since you will be moving to Oz at some point, how about some good old traditional Aussie names; Like Bruce and Shazza??? Lol Kidding

  6. I would TOTALLY let you take her shopping. She loves trying on shoes, looking in homewares and having coffee and cake.
    Sounds like fun, yes?

  7. Frick and Frack

    Mittens and Smokey

    Tweedledee and Tweedledum

  8. @PhotographerMum - tried to sell the kids on Aussie names but they were having none of it!

    @Toni - I think we need to make a date. She and Anna (and I) would have a ball. Anna is all about dresses. :)

  9. @Eva - The little grey one sure is smokey looking! Someone suggested I name the other one socks, since I was buying socks and came home with them instead.

  10. Omg what?! Cats?? I sometimes go shopping when hungry but I never go home with cats hehehe

  11. @MummyK - yeah, I know. I've raised the inanity bar.

  12. Dying of cuteness.

    We've had lots of cats in our time - Ebony, Blue, Spiderman, Poo, Maggie, Fatty, and now we have Sweetie and Angel.

    You may borrow one of those names, if you like.

  13. Very cute and much wiser than, say, letting your friend talk you into taking two tiny weeny baby feral kittens at 4 weeks old and thinking you could train the feralness out of them! Apparently once a feral cat, always a feral cat. Who me? No. No experience at all. Hahahaha

    My daughter thinks they are very cute and you should call the grey one Dusty and the black and white one Felix. Of course her first choice for the b&w one was Old School TV but she then decided it was far too long a name for a tiny kitten. LOL

  14. Did you get the socks as well... or do you have to go back out for those? If so... maybe try mail order...?!

  15. WalMart sells kitties??

    Is there anything WalMart DOESN'T sell?

    The grey kitty is Zombie and the black and white is Pixie.
    I don't care what YOU name them, to me they will be Zombie and Pixie.

  16. @Kellie - I like poo!

    Wait...that doesn't sound right.

  17. @cjtato - um... been there! Yeah, I'm a sucker for kitties. I usually get the old ones from the pound that no one else wants. But I thought kittens would be good for the kids.

    @ Steve - I did get the socks!

    @ Mum-Run - they were a bargain. $60/ea, already fixed and had their first shots.

    And no Walmart doesn't sell kittens, the city's animal control unit had a table set up outside and a multi-level cage with about 10 kittens in it. They were going like hotcakes!

  18. Joy joy joy! I love cats. I recently had thoughts of having another child so we got another cat. I love him. His name is Hawthorne. I like names that are unexpected or people names. I had a male cat when I was little named Carrol. Man I loved him. I had a girl once named Jeanette.

  19. Aww, you saved them. Cute little boogers - but I am partial to grey kitties.

    And for the record, I've had quite a few clients at the clinic who have traveled overseas with their doggies before - kittehs should be a piece of cake. :P

  20. Seriously Wal Mart sells Cats? How random is that!

    So cute. I'd love another kitty but boatman is not keen. Hoping to have to 'save' one soon so I can keep it!

  21. Oooh love! We have a cat called Kit Kat which was fitting because A. she looks like chocolate, B. She's just what you want when you feel like a break or a cuddle, and C. She was a Kitten and now she is a Cat! And I think Socks sounds great for the other one! Since that's what you were supposed to be buying! Or how about Aussie? As in Aussie Aussie Aussie! Oi Oi Oi!

  22. Hmmm lemme think...
    Taz & Mania?
    Ho & Bart (na nooooo not good!)
    I've had a few cats. Here were some of their names:
    Mojo, Jaspurr, Willow, Leo, Gizmo, Tabasco...not many females in there huh? But using Australia in general might reveal some interesting names combos! Have fun! :D

  23. Ohhh so cute.What an impulse buy,I bet the kids are in love.I have emailed you by the way.Love B,

  24. Haha. Not a huge cat fan, but understand an impulse cute'ness purchase anytime.

    Now names... I vote for the Ho & Bart that Karen suggested. Haha.

  25. Wednesday is cat shopping day in our house. At least this Wednesday is. As long as the animal shelter has kittens...

    Pooh and Piglet

    I hope they enjoy their stay in Quarantine... Although, by the sounds of it, it could be a while yet.

    And will you please, get out of my head??? That was my idea!!

  26. @Dorothy - neener neener, beat you to it! ;)

    BTW, kitties now have names. Ho rejected, sorry folks.

  27. I am kittyless at the moment, da Meow is snorting catnip in the sky. I was going to suggest Boobs for the breast man, and Coke for the white nose, but that'd be a tough one to explain to the kids. I have to pass a Walmart tomorrow...



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