Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Dammit Woog, see what you've done

I was all set to put up a serious post launching the Speak Out campaign when I made the mistake of clicking over to Woog's blog, where I read about Polyvore and admired all the lovely ensembles she had put together to represent the Sydney tribes.

So of course I had to check out Polyvore and ended up jacking around there for a couple of hours. It occurred to me that while her ensems were very clever, they did not represent Midwestern Stateside fashion in the slightest. So, in the interests of fair representation, I put together an outfit for moms from my neck of the woods.

Red State Mom
Red state mom

So while I didn't get my original post written, I did manage to waste some time being unproductive.  Not to mention enlighten those of you outside Kansas. If you ever visit you'll know just what to wear. Your welcome.

I'm going to stop reading Woog's blog long enough to get some serious posts written (knock wood). Thanks for letting me share with you an example of what savvy Kansans everywhere are wearing.

Well, not me. I'll be wearing this.


Outta my way church lady. I've got a flight to Melbourne to catch.

What about you? What's your favorite time suck?


  1. My favourite time suck of the moment is Twitter. I've managed to avoid being pulled in by Pinterest, but I have to be careful about clicking into Design Sponge because I could be in there for hours!

    Will look out for you in Melbourne!


  2. What, no gun?

    Pinterest, without question.


  3. @Maxabella - Nah, I won't have time to go target shooting this trip.

  4. Is that rifle to scale? That's so dinky!

  5. Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter ;) See you next week!!

  6. The wide world web is my time suck! Seem to get nothing done from the minute I log in (with good writing intentions of course!)

  7. At the moment? Resigning from my job.

    Yes. Correct. Setting up on my own.

    So in the future if I 'waste time' I will only have myself to blame.

    Now, where was that great page I was just looking at on the internet...

    LCM x

  8. I like YOUR outfit SO much more than "stuffy church lady with gun".
    Seriously? A bible and a gun? That just doesn't seem right...

    I hope you have a wonderful time in Melbourne, don't forget to bring sunscreen and bug repellant. The mosquitoes get vicious at dusk.

  9. Gosh this made me laugh! Palin, a gun... I'd like to come to Kansas simply to point and laugh at the idiots xo

  10. definitely twitter ... and reading blogs. but is that really a waste? travel safe ...xo

  11. Damnit. Better rethink my ugg boots and trackpants for the airport run if you're going to look that schmick.

    Time suckage? Computer. Just... the whole Computer Thing. Not even necessarily online.

  12. youtube bloopers. Hours of entertainment.


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