Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Don't ever settle

"Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do.  If you haven't found it yet, keep looking. Don't settle. As with all matters of the heart, you'll know when you find it. And, like any great relationship, it just gets better and better as the years roll on." - Steve Jobs

Have you ever settled?

I have. Too many times. I don't want to settle anymore.

I want my life to be filled with the things that bring me joy and make my heart sing.

I want to write more often and work for a paycheck less often.

I want to spend more time being present with my kids, as opposed to simply being in their presence.

I want to love with abandon and be loved back in the same way.

I want to feel safe.

I want to make a home in a place that feels like home.

RIP Steve. I hate that bastard cancer. One day, may he leave us all alone.

What about you? How have you settled? Is there something that your heart has been yearning for that you're ready to embrace?

Do it.

"And most important have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow know what you truly want to become, everything else is secondary." - SJ

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  1. I've kind of settled outwardly but inwardly rile against it and push at it with my writing. An uneasy deal that chafes.

  2. I have settled and am fairly happy with the way things have been going, but I am getting itchy feet. I am feeling the need to drop everything and take the family travelling for an extended period of time. Just have to save some more first!

  3. So many of us have settled in one way or another, but reading this reignites a flame. I am left now to ponder why I never let myself settle when it came to love so why did do it for a career (or lack thereof).

    Jobs was a genius and your tribute was both beautiful and apt x

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  5. Hi Kristin. I hate cancer...

    Whenever any man dies from cancer, particularly someone of similar age as my dad, I get incredibly upset and today...gutted.

    That probably sounds incredibly self-absorbed I know (sorry!).

    My dad was no Steve Jobs, but he was the most inspiring and influential person in my life to date. That is why, ever since he passed away, I can honestly say that I have been determined never to settle for anything less than my hearts true desire.

    I have not achieved all my dreams and some days are riddled with self-doubt but the determination and passion is always there...Life is just too bloody short to consider anything else.

    I wish you days, months and years of never settling anymore x

  6. Yes, I settled. 9 years ago, flat broke, with two of the kids still at home, I'd been applying for jobs all over town for close to three years, with no luck. In desperation I signed on as a Christmas casual with a large supermarket chain. I've been a checkout operator ever since. Not a job I would have chosen if there was anything else going, but it pays the rent and the bills. Turns out I'm rather good at it.

  7. @Steve - I'm where you are.

    @PhotographerMum - extended travel is a dream of mine, too. I would love to show the kids this country before I leave. There is so much beauty here.

    @Donna - of the two, I think you won the toss-up. I'd rather win in love and settle at work (you can always change careers at any time). x

  8. @Kirri - I'm so sorry about your dad. I've lost both my parents too, my mom to cancer when she was only 52. I've battled it twice myself. It truly is a bastard.

    I'm glad you're embracing life in such a positive way. Go get 'em.

  9. @River - that was one of my first jobs, and I was pretty good at it too. To this day I get annoyed with cashiers who are slow or do not bag my groceries properly. I want to reach over and re-bag them!

  10. At times I've settled; as I aged, I mostly did not. I don't regret it, but not settling can also come at a high cost. There are always tradeoffs!

    What do you think the difference between compromising and settling might be?

    BTW, thanks for the Steve Jobs tribute. I was also saddened by his death.

  11. Hi PSACHNO - I think we make compromises all the time, and I don't see that as a bad thing. I have a FT that is not tremendously satisfying, but I also write on the side and am moving in the direction of doing that more and more, as opportunities arise.

    Too me, settling is giving up on your dreams. Perhaps marrying someone you don't feel completely right about (as I did) or, in my case, not writing at all. I think we should always move in the direction of our heart, wherever that leads.

  12. This was truly inspiring ! There's so much I can relate to! great blog !

  13. Yeah I've settled and I won't any more. And I do want to write more. Hopefully for money!

  14. I'm trying to undo years of bad habits, settling for whatever is the now. It's hard but it's a fight I don't want to give up on. I've already started by sending the files to the printer for my first ever children's book. Getting there :)

  15. I had settled for a life I never would have imagined it would become and suffered for a very long time but not any longer. I've got the job of my dreams and now I need to move forward into the life of my dreams. Never again do I want to 'settle'! This is a beautiful tribute Kristen :)

  16. Hi Kristin.

    Lots of SJ quotes going around at the moment, and this is another amazing one I've heard today that has made me ponder and reflect.
    Thanks, K :)
    You give good blog.
    Lina xx

  17. I think I am where I want to be, though I would love to write more without it becoming emotionally draining.I hope & pray that the hard days are behind me.I will be happy if the kids make it through life unscathed & content.Bx

  18. I tried to settle, early on in life for a university course and a career that would be financially rewarding but that I wasn't really that interested in. Turns out I don't do settling very well and I quit.

    In life I've done a whole lot of quitting because I don't settle but I like to try things on for awhile and see how they fit.

    Not many things do fit, but the ones that do? They are all kinds of awesome.

  19. Wow, great blog, and you are right we deserve the best, we deserve to be loved for ourselves, warts and all

  20. I love this post. I love Steve Jobs. I've been trying to write about him but just can't yet. I'm lost to know how to succinctly say it.

    The beautiful gift you have given me today is to reflect on where I am, right now, this day.... I am not settling for anything. I've just recently finished expanding after creating and now I'm waiting for my new life to unfold. Best way I can explain it. What a powerful thing to realise. Life is good, for me, today.

    Thank you for highlighting it. It's been a hell of a long time since I've felt it's the case xxx


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