Monday, October 3, 2011

I've rolled an imperfect 300

Three facts it appears I forgot to mention...

  1. I was interviewed by Digital Parents Blogozine for their article on How to Seek Sponsorship. You can read it here.
  2. Also, the September DP blog carnival is up at Seven Cherubs, hosted by the lovely Naomi (yes, I know it's October and I'm just now telling you, be quiet).
  3. Oh, and it seems my *last* post was my 300th post (in just under 2 years of blogging). Seeing as I'm a former teen bowling sensation, I like that number.

Oh, and did I mention I'm going to Melbourne later this month? Melbourne, Australia? Sunshine, beaches, animals with pockets, Violet Crumbles, men with sexy accents.

I did?

How about I tell you again.


Okay. Fine then. I'll be off...


  1. Congratulations!
    Our 'animals with pockets' await you.

  2. Kristin, you big bundle of fabulous!
    Can't wait to give you big hugs ..... one day! I'll save a Caramello Koala for you ;)

  3. Days later from reading your DP Blogazine post it is still resonating with me! I love your wise words K!

    And very glad we'll be hosting you back on our sunny shores again soon x

  4. Thank you gorgeous ladies. I can't wait! x

  5. Yay for 300 posts and Wanderlust back down under. How exciting! Have fun.


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