Thursday, October 27, 2011

A photo journey through the Yarra Valley

I had planned to spend the two days following the Problogger conference in the Yarra Valley. I had a lovely cottage rented. Unfortunately, I ended up spending Saturday in hospital in Melbourne. That's a story for another day, but I will say that if you're going to get sick in a foreign country (fail), please do so in a city where you have a friend who is a doctor who can help you navigate the system (win). Thanks Felix.

For now I will offer you this bit of hastily-formed opinion on Australian vs. U.S. emergency medical services:

Australian health system:
  More efficient
  More affordable
  Friendlier doctors

American health system:
  Better drugs

So there ya go.

Okay, now, let's move on to the Yarra Valley. To get to the cottage I had to wind through narrow, tree-lined roads that looked like this

I stopped in Healesville for lunch and bought a necklace at a local artist's co-op.

About an hour later I arrived at the cottage

And straighaway saw that I needed to take a bath. A really, really long bath with candles and incense.

I fell asleep to the sound of kookaburras and awoke to find the refrigerator was stocked for breakfast.

There was a light rain outside and a mist fell over the valley.

On the way home I took a few detours to visit more artist's studios. I bought this mug

...and these painted rocks.

I was grateful for the borrowed set of wheels (thanks again, Felix).

So grateful I stayed on the left side of the road the entire time (unless there was only one lane).

I returned home to a friend's house that evening and was greeted with this.

Seriously Felix, you've outdone yourself.

Can't believe I actually had to go home the next day.


  1. I have to agree - if you are going to get sick, you could do a lot worse than getting sick in Australia !!!!!

    Safe and happy travelling.

  2. Oh that looks divine! So sorry to hear you got sick.

    Hope you're well lovely lady! xx

  3. Next time you won't be leaving anymore :)

  4. We're not big on drugs here in Australia, we're more whack on a bandaid and get back to work (or barbecueing). I love our tree-lined winding roads.

  5. Glad you got better so you could enjoy the rest of your stay. That bath is glorious. I would want to stay in there for several hours.

    I bet you were happy to see your kids when you got back.

  6. One day, you and I will be in Australia at the same time and we shall drink wine and eat yummy cheese. I will not drive you to the hospital because you will not get sick. Your trip looks gorgeous - just gorgeous.


  7. All looks magnificent and wonderfully bountiful.

    Next time I get sick... I'm flying to Oz.

  8. Me, I want those drugs... as well as the better health system.

    I want to know where you stayed, that looks awesome! Perfect for a getaway, especially all by yourself. The peace! The serenity! Ahhh....

  9. Beautiful photos! It reminds me a little of my corner of Oz (south-west WA)...Such serenity! I hope you enjoyed your travels :o)

  10. Thanks Chantell - that's one part of Oz I've never been to (WA) but heard the SW corner is very beautiful. Hope to visit one day.

  11. Me too! (so grateful you stayed on the left side of the road!)

    Great to have had you here!


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