Monday, October 17, 2011

Woo hoo, I made it to.....Brisbane?

Oh Qantas, I had such a crush on you. And then you had to go and do this? I'll refrain from making any comments about the strike and just assume this whole experience has been an exception to what in the past has been exceptional service.

After 3 flights, 30 hours in transit, an hour of sleep, a 2 hour delay while seated aboard my aircraft in LAX, 2 missed connections, and 2 hours in a line with a couple hundred angry passengers (security was called to deal with 'passenger rage'), I've finally made it to Brisbane. Which would be so lovely had I actually planned on coming to Brisbane. Unfortunately, I still have yet to get to Melbourne and a bed (or couch or piece of floor even) on which to crash.

I'm going to look at the positive however and give a big whoop whoop that I am back on Australian soil once again (and able to console myself with a Violet Crumble).

I would love to think of something pithy or even witty to say here, but apparently my brain doesn't function well on two nights of no sleep. So instead I will point you to a piece I wrote that was published in the latest Digital Parents blogozine. It's called We are Good Mothers and you may have read it before on Wanderlust a while back. But since we mothers are so good at the guilt thing, go read it again. We need reminding time and again that we're doing a good job.

My Melbourne peeps, I so look forward to arriving in your fair city. And my lovely Brisbane peeps, if only I had known I would have this bit of time here, we might have had a chance to visit (if you could have ignored the fact that I look like a zombie with swollen feet who just yakked up lunch for the third time due to 14 hours of turbulence. Best stick with virtual me for now).

Ah, Australia, see what I'm willing to endure to see you? What a strong spell you cast, you amazing hunk of terra firma.


  1. glad you made it here safely (even if you are 2 states away from the original destination...) Hope you have a smooth flight down to Melbourne and enjoy your time here!

  2. oh hope you get a good rest eventually! And I hope Melbourne weather is fine for you xx

  3. You're hear! And a little side-trip to Brisneyland never did anyone any (real) harm. Happy Aussie stays, K! x

  4. At least you're in the right hemisphere - that's got to count for something!

  5. Bejeebus - I am a mere hour away! I could have spirited you up for a night in the South Wing and bathed those swollen tootsies in some good natural mountain water!

    Damn it - why didn't the gods of Qantas ring me?????? Or facebook me? Actually, ya coulda ya know...

  6. Welcome!!
    I hope your journey is long forgotten shortly.

  7. Welcome back! What a miserable trip you've had. I hope you find a bed soon and get a decent rest before the business end of your trip....

  8. Glad you made it there safely. Sounds like a rough trip!

  9. Ahhhh...had a lovely 11 hour sleep last night. Feeling bright and chipper again!

  10. Enjoy Oz! Sorry you had a terrible flight - am sure the rest of the trip will go smoothly.

  11. Oh hon, I would have come over to whatever crappy airport hotel they put you in (did they even put you in one), and held your hair back while you were sick. Sorry your journey was so crappy, but I'm figuring you are safely in Melbourne now?


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