Thursday, November 3, 2011

Dream baths and possum's arses - a tour of bloggers homes

I've have the good fortune to visit the homes of several of my bloggy friends while traveling. It's always fascinating to visit someone's home, because what's inside their abode gives me a glimpse into their psyche and personal world. As such, I would never want to divulge the weird and wonderful things I've witnessed, as it would be an invasion of their privacy.

Well, ok, it might be alright if I divulged them but then let you guess whose house I was talking about. Yes?


Ok then, behold the following bloggers:

(A) Nomie (Under the Yardarm) and (B) Kirrily (Sunny Side Up)

(C) Eden (Edenland)

(D) Mrs. Woog (Woogsworld)

(E) Some chick from Kansas
(I sometimes stay in my own home)

Now. With these women in mind, I want you to consider the following five tidbits and see if you can match them up. Ready to play? Okay, here we go!

Which blogger.....

(1) Has a kickass bathroom the looks like it comes out of a homes magazine?

This may or may not be the actual bathroom
(probably not, but isn't it cool?)

(2) Hoards body lotions?

Bath & beauty products anonymous, anyone?

(3) Has a kickass office that looks like it comes out of a homes magazine?

This may or may not be the actual office
(probably not, but isn't it cool?)

(4) Has none of the following in her pantry?

Seriously, this blogger takes not baking to a whole new level

(5) Has a possum's arse sticking out of the wall in her living room?

I'm not even kidding. And yes, it's alive.

(6) Home is surrounded by giant f*cking spiders kill me now

Okay, let's see how you did. Who goes with what?

Winner gets a dream bathroom or a year's worth of giant spiders. Depending upon my cash flow.

Speaking of winners, if you're from the UK, enter this giveaway. There are only a handful of entries so far so you have a *really* good chance of winning!


  1. Firstly I'm so jealous that you got to meet some of my fave virtual people AND see their arses. I mean, possums arses.
    Putting aside my envy for one sec... I'm guessing Kirrily has the kickarse study, Woogie has the kickarse bathroom and no baking products, Naomi has the spiders and lotions and Eden has the possum. But truly, if they all had possums arses it would not surprise me....

  2. @Woog - I know you know!

    @Cate - keeping mum (for now). :)

  3. I'm struggling to pick a favorite

  4. Well, none of them are MINE because you didn't call!


  5. @Madmother - if I'd had a phone with me and knew your number, I would have!

  6. Hah - will message it now (on FB). So no excuses next time!

    South wing will be on standby for any further great southern land expeditions.

  7. Who knew we had a hotel bath and beauty products samples clepto in our midst!?

    Got it sussed...

  8. We all know Mrs Woog has no baking products, but she may have all the lotions. I reckon Eden has the kickass bathroom and Nomie the kickass study, or is that Kirrily? Hmm, they're both potential contenders. The possum might belong to Nomie and the spiders to all of them. Is there anywhere here that doesn't have spiders??

    Actually, the lotions may also be yours? I can't go wrong with all these guesses, can I?

    Note to self - must visit more bloggers....

  9. @Being Me - ummm...those are not samples. Full size bottles. Should have included a kitten for scale.

  10. LOL! Oh. That is decidedly more..... fanatical then!

  11. someone has a serious lotion problem.. lol too funny.. whoever has the kickass bathroom I need to befriend them coz mine is the pits!

  12. HA! Love this! And I so want that bathroom!

  13. Not sure about the rest but I reckon the kickass office belong to Being Me.

  14. I'd like to enter but I'm afraid of spiders. Dammit!

    I wouldn't mint that bath or study and the products, though.

  15. That photo of Naomi and Kirrily is so so so gorgeous. xx

  16. Well if you would have visited me you would tell i am a hoarder of handbags & shoes LOL :-) xxxx
    Great pics of Naomi & Kirrily !

  17. Hmmmm.
    Great - something else to keep me awake!
    I'll get back to you on this - at about 3am my time!

  18. Well you will never get off the plane in Brisbane, so my place isn't there either. Humph. Also thank God, because my place is far messier than any of those and we have a pet cemetary in the backyard. I thinking the possum must be Edenland's, the bathroom must be Mrs Woog's, the office must the yardams, and the lotions which must be Kirrily's? I don't know why I think that. And the non-baking one must be yours because of the ingredients.

  19. @Madmother & MaidinAustralia - we need a conference in Brisbane! Seven hours at the airport just wasn't enough. I'd like to actually see the city again (and both of you)!.

  20. LOL-have no clue but if you are ever traveling to Israel, you can stay by me.

  21. @Susie - Israel is on my list of places I'd love to go. One day...!


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