Tuesday, November 29, 2011

What are you doing here?

You should be over here: Farmers Wifey

Why? Because that's where the November Digital Parents blog carnival is going on. There are some fabulous posts this month.

You can read the guide to Darwin that Obama should have been given, learn new pranks you can play on your kids and discover how not to give crap birthday gifts!

I will be returning from my bloggy hiatus tomorrow. I've spent the past week playing with the kids, resting after the Speak Out marathon, and generally enjoying the extended holiday break (you know...that thankful holiday we only celebrate over here).

Now, get going! x


  1. Awesome photo.
    That pose would leave some lovely bruises on her shin.
    But it looks so pretty... that I want to learn to do it anyway.

  2. @Eccentricess - I don't want to swing from bars, but I do want to be that fit!

  3. Finally! A few spare minutes to read some blogs. Over I go xx


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