Thursday, January 5, 2012

Can you tell which of these is worth $30 million?

I can always count on my friends to send me links to interesting stories. Today they did not disappoint.

The headline for the story is this: Colorado woman punches, rubs her buttocks against $30 million painting.

After reading the article, the burning question I was left with was, "$30 million? Seriously?"

Below are two paintings. One is the $30 million masterpiece from the Denver museum (or, as MSN puts it, 'the painting at the center of the alleged incident') and the other was done by a work colleague's 73-year-old mother-in-law, who was experimenting with a new technique.

Can you tell which is which?

Painting #1

Painting #2

Painting #3

I've included a link to the story below, but before you click on it, tell me in the comment section which one you think was valued at $30 million.

Do you know? Are you having trouble making a decision?

And while we're at it, which woman do you think is the perpetrator at the center of the alleged incident?

Woman #1

Woman #2

Um...okay. Never mind that one.

While the story was fairly thorough, I was left with several unanswered questions:

1. Whose job is it to determine the monetary value of damage caused by buttock rubbing? Is there credentialing for that?

2. Why didn't anyone tell me I was in the wrong line of work? Wish I'd read this news story before reading this. Shiznit.

3. And omg, how much would it hurt to get your throat tattooed?  Damn.

Okay, here's the link to the story. How'd you do?

Oh, and for the record. I love the painting hanging in my colleague's office. I smile every time I walk by and see it.


  1. Frottage with a painting? Wouldn't a Henry Moore be more understandable?

  2. I think I like painting number 3, it was the artist that swayed me :-)

    "Don't do meth" - I'm using that in my next tag, no matter what.

    Thanks for the giggle.

  3. I'd rub my butt with both #1 and #2 and call it performance art. Then I can get paid $50 million.

    I once took a child to the art museum and asked her which ones she thought were art and which were stupid - ie, how not to raise a ponce.

  4. I guessed it right! I always thought I had a good eye for expensve iems!

    Now what's interesting is the article claims the damage was $10,000. Now in relation to the paintings value of $30mill the damage is miniscule.
    It's equivalent to my $26k car taking damage to the value of $7.80. It's barely a scratch!

    Perhaps the buttock rubber left a $10,000 skidmark. Hahahah! Gross I know :-))

  5. I'm gonna go with the D. Mostly cos the artist is potentially my future son-in-law.

  6. Excellent choice, Toni (and Kirsty)!

    @Lady Daa Doo - good point. My kids do $7.80 worth of damage to my car every day.

  7. I dont' get art. I'm currently selling some of my mums stuff at auction (getting pittance btw) and all the stuff that makes millions is hideous. Not about beauty, but originality apparently. funny that, i always thought art was about transcending the soul through beauty.....or sommat


    ps i guessed right though. even the right person - the second lady won top model - that's my sad tv habit blown.

  8. OMG! MY car is clearly a living work of art. Whot do I approach to sell it to me for $30 million? I'll even pay you a commission. Signed: Dreaming.

  9. painting number 3, but then that one is priceless.

  10. Oh, this was delightful! Thanks for the laughs this morning! After reading the article, what I wonder is how the urination did not cause any damage, yet the butt rubbing did? That's some major ass action! But, then again, maybe the damages are all based on this statement from the article:

    "It does damage the piece, though, even people just knowing what happened," he added.

    Just KNOWING it happened. Damaging. Wow.

  11. Painting 3 and Woman 1 are worth more than 30 million for me. Painting 3 is the innocent little heart and Woman 1 looks rich in lifes experiences.

  12. I rubbed my buttocks on the painting in my lounge room and had to repaint the wall - but you can still see the marks.

  13. oh yay! I was right! I guessed the 1st one was "art"
    Although I am always questioning who the hell prices these things, and who the hell pays those prices for that sh*t!

  14. I for one, never rub my butt against any art that's not worth at LEAST 100 Million.

  15. 30 million dollars?!?! Who decides these prices?? And how could she have done $10,000 worth of damage?! We are definitely in the wrong job!


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