Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Pray for Lydia - young girl in critical condition

I've just received news of a story that is both tragic and hopeful, and I'm asking you to take just a moment to read it.

My neighbor and friend Joe shared with me today that the niece of a close family friend was in a serious accident.

A few days ago she was getting off her school bus when she was hit be a garbage truck. She sustained broken bones and a head injury, and is currently in a coma. She has remained in critical condition.

Her name is Lydia. Here is a news story about the accident. The family notes that she is showing small signs of improvement.

Joe has a vision for his friend Lydia. He envisions cards coming in from all over the world so that when she awakens from her coma she will know that she has been held in the thoughts and prayers of a large community of support. I think it's a beautiful vision and I want to do my small part to help bring it to fruition.

Here is what Lydia's family shared about her:

  • She loves to dance
  • She is an excellent student and excels in school
  • She just returned from a trip to Paris with her mom, where they celebrated her 13th birthday
  • Her favorite color is lime green

If you'd like to send Lydia a card, here is her address:
Lydia Herrle
c/o Toronto Sick Kids Hospital
555 University Ave
Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5G 1X8
I realize a card may not feel like much when someone is in a life-threatening situation. But god willing, she will recover, and as she does, this support will be something that brings joy and light into what is a very dark passage in her life.

I've had the good fortune to experience such an outpouring of support and I cannot tell you what it blessing it was. It means more than you know. It is truly uplifting.

I am also holding her parents, James and Michelle, in my thoughts. I can't begin to imagine what they are going through right now.

James and Michelle, if you happen to read this, please know that we are sending all good thoughts to you and your daughter and will continue to hold you all in our prayers throughout the coming days and weeks.

Please, take a moment to send Lydia a card and let her know you are rooting for her.

And please share this message on your social media networks so that it will reach a wider audience. I just did a quick search on twitter and it looks like the hash tag #prayforLydia is being used. There are share buttons underneath this post.

Love to you, Lydia. Hang in there sweet girl.

Edit: please see Joe's comment below if you want a quick (and free) way to send a card from your computer. You can create a card online and it will be printed and mailed to her. I just did it, very quick and easy.

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