Sunday, June 3, 2012

Don't be afraid to be big

I think each of us has a gift that helps us navigate life. We know our gift because it makes us feel like ourselves. It smooths us out and invigorates us at the same time. Of all the lenses we might peer through to view life, it's the one that's sharply focused. That's how we know.

I have this image of an angel at the gates of heaven handing out wares to each of us before we descend into our lives. It's probably completely random. She reaches into a sack and pulls out a gift. Here you go, you have the ability to look at chaos and see patterns. You, my friend, are a healer! And for you a silver tongue.

We probably look at these gifts, shrug and stuff them in our pockets. Because after all, are we not already gods? Of course we are.

And then we hit terra firma and it all gets blown to bits. We forget who we are. We forget where the road is. And we're so busy being lost we forget we're carrying a compass.

Life is loud. Life is full-on and messy and relentless. It's so easy to forget things.

But one day we will each remember our gift. We'll start painting or writing poetry or designing spreadsheets and it will feel really right. Maybe we will teach children. Maybe we will write words and publish them on the internet. Anything is possible.

But here's what I really want to say. When you find your gift, don't be afraid to do it and do it big.

It's possible no one but you will notice. But if you're engaged in something you're passionate about, people probably will notice. Because when you are being yourself fearlessly, you can't help but be big.

When you are being your big, powerful self, people may react in a variety of ways. They may ignore you. They may cheer you on because you inspire them to be big and powerful, too. They may try to cut you down and make you smaller.

If people do try to cut you down, don't take it personally. It's almost never personal. It's just that your bigness may cause others, who are not embracing their own gift, to feel small by comparison.

Your job is not to apologize for or justify your bigness, or make yourself smaller in an effort to make them more comfortable. It is simply to continue being yourself and doing what you love.

So go on. I double dog dare you. Be big.

Stand in your power.

Be yourself, fearlessly.


  1. Kirsten, I am bawling my eyes out at the power of your words. Truth can do that. Thank you for sharing such awesome and insightful words. Now if only I knew what my gift is! X


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