Friday, June 1, 2012

Progress. No progress.

Hmmm.... I found out what happens when you blog about lightness and joy in the midst of darkness. The next day you come crashing down. Or maybe that's just me.

There are times, like today, when the reality of my situation looks me square in the face. My days feel so shapeless. Future unknown.

I've dealt with it by cooking. Throw a lot of ingredients together and make something new. Something pleasing, that wasn't there before. It feels like a sort of progress.

The reporter from Fox 4 News called the local detectives, to see what, if anything, has happened with the case. The answer is nothing. Still hasn't been transferred to the feds. I'm wondering if my exhale was premature. He's apparently planning a follow up story if nothing happens.

I like this guy. He's restoring my faith in journalists. I've seen a lot of stories lately that are long on sensation and short on factual accuracy. For that reason I was nervous, and cautious, about approaching the media. I feared a circus.

But I think he did an excellent job. I like what he said, and I like what he didn't say. There was a lot of sensation-worthy detail he could have added, but he didn't. The station apparently gave the story twice as much time as is typical.

I ate two ice cream cones today, in two different towns. Sat in the sun and savored them. It felt like being on vacation. Despite this, I crashed. If I'm not feeling better tomorrow, I might try three ice creams.

The good news is that I think I found us a new home.

It's a bit smaller than what we're used to, but there's a room off to the side for the kids and a cat house on the roof. In the summer, I can open it up and let a breeze through.

I wonder if Joe will still mow our lawn.

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  1. Progress is good. We look forward to reading about more of it. Keep blogging. Those that care will know y'all are ok.


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