Wednesday, August 29, 2012

A story without an ending

Once upon a time there was a woman who went to Walmart for socks and came home instead with this:

Two kitties, a brother and sister, who were looking for a lucky family to adopt. 

It was love at first sight. They were fun! They were affectionate and adorable.

They were tolerant!

The god of furry creatures looked down upon the arrangement and smiled.

The kitties loved to play games with the family, like hide and seek

And Monopoly.

And explore all the cat-sized places in their new home.

Pretty soon they grew up into full-sized cats.  

But still, the two kitties remained inseparable.

Until one day a door was left open and boy kitty decided to poke his head out and see what the outside world was all about. He had never been outside!

But no one in the family saw him go outside. And when they discovered the open door, they closed it and went upstairs to bed.

It wasn't until the next morning that they realized boy kitty was missing.

For two days they searched the neighborhood. They left food and water outside, crawled through underbrush and made Lost Cat flyers.

But kitty was nowhere to be found.

Sister missed him terribly.

The family did some research and learned that an indoor cat, when it escapes outside, will usually hide close to the house, sometimes for several days, without mewing or showing itself.

So they went to a nearby tractor and hardware supply store and brought home something that looked like this.

They put a can of tuna inside, went to bed and said a prayer to the god of furry creatures. They hoped against hope that in the morning they would find this:

And not this:

Sebastian, if you're out there, we miss you and want you to come home. You can have all the tuna you want.


  1. Aww, I hope he comes home. And weren't they a MUCH better purchase than socks?
    Good luck x

    1. Yes. In fact I stopped buying clothing all together and now only buy cats.

  2. Oh kitties... so so cute... and so sad that Sebastian is lost. Hoping there's a happy ending post coming up. x

  3. I hope he comes soon - so sad when a family member goes missing.
    Love, hugs and positive energy.

  4. Our cat took off once too. When we went looking for her she was cowering behind a door in the basement. There was barely enough space to fit a hand through the gap. I'm fairly certain that's where she'd been hiding for a full 18 hours.
    Sebastian might be doing just that. Hiding in the unlikeliest nook or cranny near-by.
    Wishing you the best of luck and keeping my fingers crossed.

    1. I keep hearing stories like that. Gives me hope!

  5. Prayers for Sebastian to come home....hopefully he's just catting around...thanks, I enjoyed meeting your kitties....

  6. Oh no. Poor sister. I so hope you find him. x

  7. Oh gosh you must be sick with worry :( I hope he finds his way home safely.

  8. Fingers crossed that your lost kitty will find his way home following the tuna trail...

  9. Years ago, my kitty did something similar. For three days, no sign of him. Marmie drove down to help us search, but didn't arrive until after midnight. She had to park a fair distance away from my house, and so we walked with her for safety, talking and discussing the "cat search" plans for the next day. From underneath a house, four houses up from mine, we heard a sad meow...
    Try going for a walk during the quiet times. When Sebastion could hear your voice. Hear you rattling the cat biscuits. Feel safe enough to come out. So hope your furbaby will return to you.

  10. Please come home Sebastian.....there is no words with friends happening while you are gone!!!

  11. Shame! Hate it when a pet goes missing!!

  12. Our little indoor cat gets into the backyard which has 6' high fences and doesn't seem to have figured out she can climb out. Thank goodness she's never got out the front door :)

  13. Too cure there with there horsies :)


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