Sunday, April 13, 2014

Holding a community in love and light

Just hours ago there were two shootings in our community - at the Jewish Community Center in Overland Park and at Village Shalom, a senior living center down the street. Five people have been shot and three are dead, according to news reports. It appears to be an anti-Semitic attack.

I worked inside the JCC for four years and many of my friends still do. None of us yet know the names of the victims, but our whole community is bracing itself. There were a couple of community events going on at the time and the center was filled with children and teens.

I can't even begin to wrap my head around what happened. I have no eloquent words to share right now. I just wish so much peace and love and comfort to those whose lives were forever changed today. 

As news of the tragedy was filling our feeds, a severe thunderstorm rolled through the region, knocking out power and cable. My dear friend Celeste, who worked in the office next to me all those years, posted this picture tonight. It seems the skies are mourning along with us.


  1. I am so, so sorry. Love to everyone affected by this.

  2. Thinking of everyone involved in this terrible tragedy.

  3. Keeping everyone in my prayers.

  4. Hugs. Hold on.
    It sounds very hippy woo, but I firmly believe that storms hold a lot of cleansing energy.
    I hope it helps

  5. This just broke my heart when I read it on your FB feed. And for an instant when I first looked at the photo I saw God's hand reaching down grasping another hand that was reaching up. Just there for an instant but so much power. Keeping each and every soul lost in my thoughts xxx

  6. I'm so sad for the families and communities who will deal with the sorrow of other people's actions. My thoughts go to them as they begin their path through grief.


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