Monday, May 26, 2014

Some beauty, some advice and a rant

If I were a virtuous person, I would have spent the long weekend packing and cleaning and painting the walls. This is what I told myself every five minutes. But then I would turn around and say back to myself, hey, chillax, it's a holiday weekend, sit back and read a book or three. I argued with myself in this fashion until finally, thankfully, I won.

No packing. Lots of reading.

In addition to two books on the neuroscience of happiness and well-being (have read about five or six so far – can’t stop, so fascinating, will share more later), I’ve also read some great stuff on the web. I thought I would share the highlights with you:

This post, called Strong, by Deb at Bright & Precious. Deb’s writing is beautiful and soulful. Here she writes about her years-long struggle to regain her health after cancer treatment -- about having the strength to get up every morning and show up for life, in spite of everything. This piece on being strong because you have to be, because you have no other choice, really hit home with me. Sometimes obstacles are brief and fierce. Sometimes they go on for years, and are still fierce. Deb's a remarkable woman.

This post on Writer’s Block by Chuck Wendig at Terribleminds. Chuck doesn’t believe in writer’s block, but he lists all the things that keep us from writing (and that we tend to attribute to writer’s block) and what we can do to move beyond them. Warning – his writing is full of the swears. Enter at your own risk. But, bonus – he is an amazingly talented and entertaining writer. You may not want to leave.

I discovered Chuck’s blog because of his viral post Not all Men, But Still Too Many Men, written in response to the Santa Barbara shootings. Oh. My. He addresses the entitled assumption that pervades our culture (so many cultures) that women exist to fulfill the sexual and emotional needs of men. On a rantypants scale of 1 – 5, it's about a 26. I posted it to my Facebook wall and some people took issue with it. I loved it. I work in an industry whose very existence is to serve the women who’ve been hurt by this sense of entitlement, and of course, I’ve personally been at the receiving end of it. Most days I simply get up and quietly deal with the fallout of this craziness (see Deb's post, above), but occasionally it makes me want to swear and rant (or at least nod vigorously while reading someone else’s sweary rant).

Finally, as long as I’m sharing links, I was interviewed a few weeks ago for The Pixel Project’s Survivor Stories. They spoke with women from all over the world who have survived sexual or domestic violence, and have been posting an interview every day during the month of May. You can tell my interview because there is a ginormous picture of my head.

If all this talk of violence and long-suffering is too much, go here to see some adorable kitten pictures.

Finally, thank you for your lovely comments on my last post. Heart-warming and unexpected.


  1. Firstly, I loved your interview with Survivor Stories. You are such an articulate and powerful advocate. Truly, so proud. Secondly, thank you from the bottom of my heart for the mention. You know how much I admire you, so your words are truly humbling. And finally, I am intrigued by Chuck's blog... but can you provide a link? I do love getting on the ranty pants. I agree totally about the comments you made on that FB thread. x

    1. Thanks so much, Deb. I loved your post and thought it was very powerful. And the links should be visible now!

  2. Have you started writing your book - because you have a compelling story to tell - and sure as hell can write. And your story would be an inspiration to so many. In fact you cannot not write it. I will proof read it for you - and am very experienced and competent.

  3. I wrote a very rough draft of a memoir late in 2012 and it has sat there, in a folder on my computer, ever since. I felt then like I needed to live the ending before I could do any more with it. I still feel like I need to get a little more distance from all of the emotional stuff before I can return to it and shape it into something fluid and meaningful. But yes, absolutely, I will write it.

    And I would love to have you proof it. Seriously. I will tuck that offer away for the time being, but yes, to all of that. Thank you.

  4. The world needs your book beautiful lady.
    Big hugs.Xx

  5. Taking some me time is never time wasted; in my experience it is always well spent. The packing and cleaning will benefit from it in the long run...

  6. Gosh, if you need a good book about well-being in the face of adversity, see if you can get hold of RISE, but Ingrid Polson.
    Her back story is terrible ( terrible that it happened, not terribly written) but her research is wonderful and the book is great.
    I recommend it to everyone :)


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