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Hi, I’m Kristin Brumm and Wanderlust is my personal blog. I’m a mother and a writer.

I believe most of us spend our lives under the misconception that we not quite worth all the things we dare to wish for ourselves. We are worth that, and so much more.

I want to spend my life holding a mirror up to those I meet, so that they might see their own beauty and potential. Some days I succeed at this. Others are practice days.

Here are some things that I’ve been a part of that make me happy:
  • Wanderlust is home of the Healing through Storytelling blog directory, where readers can easily locate and connect with bloggers who write about a variety of challenging life experiences such as illness, grief, addiction, trauma and abuse.
  • I teamed up with Blogcatalog to create Speak Out, a social media campaign to drive awareness of domestic violence.
  • I hold a senior leadership position in a regional domestic violence services agency.
  • I was a Voice of the Year and keynote speaker at the 2011 Australian Blogging Conference in Sydney.
  • Wanderlust was voted into the Circle of Mom’s 2011 Top 10 Most Inspiring Blogs.
  • I am a contributor, along with Morgan Freemen, Ed Burns, Mehmet Oz and a bunch of ordinary folk, to the upcoming book Bucket Lists, by Justin Zachman, the screenwriter who wrote the movie The Bucket List. I’m not sure how I ended up on their radar, but I’m wondering if I can use my co-contributor status to persuade Mr. Freeman to come to my house on a school night and read Go the F*ck to Sleep to my kids.
  • I am currently collecting stories for a book about women who have experienced sexual or domestic violence, and gone on to survive and heal and thrive. I think the world needs more resources for women who have lived through this darkness.
  • This list would probably be longer if I would get the hell off Candy Crush and Facebook.

As a rule, I don’t do sponsored posts. I tried it once and didn’t care for it. It felt too much like prostitution (not that I would know what that felt like, mind you). I do sell advertising on my sidebar (which feels more like paying my utility bills). I also do occasional speaking engagements on topics related to storytelling, advocacy and domestic violence. You can reach me at pr @


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