I am a foster mom and take in cats from local shelters who need a place to rest, recover or grow before they are ready for adoption. Adorable balls of kitten fluff, they are.

Jealous? Shelters are always looking for additional foster parents, so if you'd like to experience a rewarding volunteer experience, give it a try. 

Would you like to meet them?

Of course you would.


Coleman & Igloo
June 2014
8 weeks old, recovering from URI, extremely playful, knocked everything off my bathroom counter (repeatedly - I'm a slow learner), serious about purring, irresistible.
Currently available for adoption.


MacIntosh, Ambrosia and Braeburn (aka Macaroni, Tortellini and Noodles)
May 2014
7 weeks old; sweet, playful, healthy, cute as
All three adopted their first day on the floor


Kareem Cheese
March 2014
4 months; very sick, yet friendly, little boy; managed, despite isolation, to infect all four of my cats, who came down with fevers and URIs. I think he also gave them fleas. That was fun.
Successfully adopted


Mr. Frickles (aka Gigantor)
February 2014
6 years; 23 pounds of pure love; this seriously hefty boy was stressed at the shelter and needed a place to chill for a bit
Successfully adopted


January 2014
4 years old; very frightened kitty who rarely came out of her crate; too feral to socialize
Successfully re-homed as a barn cat


December 2013
9 months old; came to stay with us for a while to recover from surgery to mend a broken hip; world's most mellow and lovable cat, he crept into my heart
Successfully adopted (by me!)


November 2013
3 months old; sick but extremely affectionate little furball; after recovering from a URI with us he had to go into isolation at the shelter for ringworm. He was there several weeks but we were able to visit him.
Successfully adopted


Smoky & Alice
October 2013
5 weeks; Smoky was very playful and adventurous, his sister shy and sweet. Both were too cute for words.
Successfully adopted (of course)


No idea who this cat is. He showed up on my porch one cold and snowy night, looked in the window and mewed pitifully. I cracked the garage door and put out a bed for him. He spent one night with us and then disappeared again. Hope you are well random kitty. Thanks for visiting.


Mama and 4 kittens (Cybil, Bobby, Dora, Twilight and Sam)
August 2013
3 weeks old; this gorgeous family came to us while they were still nursing. What a treat to watch them grow. Mama was sweet but very shy and skittish.
Kittens immediately adopted out once they were over 2 pounds; Mama successfully adopted out after six weeks on the shelter floor (yay Cybil!).


Larry, Lance, Laura, Lou and Laney
May 2013
4 weeks old; our first foster litter. Oh what a sweet and lovable crew they were. I still miss every single one of them.
Successfully adopted


  1. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.
    I could not be a foster mum, I would keep them all!!
    Your TJ looks like my Shiraz!!

    1. It is hard to let them go, but I know they are going to wonderful homes. I love orange tabbies. Every one I've fostered has been super affectionate. Something about gingers... :)

  2. Oh, so much cuteness in one space! Well done for taking on the responsibility of fostering. Despite how cute they are, I can imagine there was a lot of work involved too. xx

    1. There was certainly a lot of scooping. And I am single-handedly keeping Febreze in business. But they are worth it.

  3. Wonderful! You are doing such a GREAT thing!


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